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About Leela Enterprises

Leela Enterprises has been operating in the plastic manufacturing domain since 2002. In the last 19 years, our client portfolio has grown ~5x and we have diversified our products from automobiles, pharmaceutical to HVACs, and kitchenware components. Owing to our manufacturing capability, we are always willing to venture into new segments of plastic manufacturing. 
Our Company

Our company operates independently with the main office and manufacturing unit located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh (U.P)
. It is a sole proprietorship of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gera. We currently have ~25 employees working on floor and assisting us in manufacturing, cleaning, and packaging. 


Safety of our employees is of utmost priority for us. We have the belief that safety in the workplace has a significant impact on many business KPIs. In other words, safer working environments benefit from fewer accidents, which results in fewer occupational health costs, better employee retention and satisfaction, less employee downtime, and less retraining time. 


Our strategy is driven by 7 principles of the company. 1) Select the right team and the right digital tools 2) Create Industry 4.0 strategy 3) Focus on improving processes 4) Implement new technologies 5)  Improve information management 6) Appoint a person or a team to lead the digital transformation 7) Understand consumer needs.

Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many people, especially in the business world. Climate change continues to affect our lives as well as the fate of all other species around the planet. Our objective is to make our business more sustainable by being aware of the issue at hand and understanding just how important it is to make changes — both for the business and the planet. Our practices ensure that plastic wastes are reused (if possible) and disposed off in the safest way possible for the environment

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